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Sunday, November 3, 2002

11:20 pm
I see UBBC does not work in the journal. Oh well. Back to asterisks for me.

11:05 pm
There's this [i]one [/i] grocery store in town that is open 24 hours a day, every day. Except they close at midnight on Saturday. This is not a moral decision on their behalf to quit selling alcohol an hour before code. Oh, no,my friends. What they hope to do is remove all traces of the last week's sale and desensitize relevant barcodes. I can only presume this must be what they are doing with their 8 hours closed. They are surely not updating the barcodes on any of this week's items so that your proper grocery bill turns out 88.43 instead of 32.06 (as planned). At this point it's best to leave your groceries there and go to another store, because "feexing" the mistake will take at least 9 times as long as it did to ring your order up.

They close over Saturday night so that no one should fall victim to the temptation to take advantage of last week's and this week's sale at the same time. Big Bear is the Devil1.

OT I need to change the color of this thing. It's too morose, and, well, frankly, too default. I'm not asking for flowers or stars or anything, I'm just feeling kind of mauve and taupe. i.e. I feel pretensious, but those would be good colors.

1.Satan went bankrupt in 2004.

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