What Brought You Here?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Intensive Carpet Survey #7154

This is the part I hate most, I think. It reminds me of my brief foray into the world of crack at 15, and how smugly sure I was that I'd never wind up on my hands and knees weeding crumbs out of the carpet to administer to myself. How- in desperation- every little piece of crud becomes a potential barge to salvation: can I smoke this? sure, it's a fleck of popcorn but it won't kill ya. . . can I smoke this? nah, better not. its consistency is alarmingly similar to drywall and the taste confirms it. I made fun of our friend's little brother as he begged his elder for a taste of the ambrosian-smoke Dave still had stashed away. I'll give you a six-pack, I'll pay you 50 bucks on Monday. . . "Please Dave, I'll suck your dick," I mocked Mike because I was 15 and knew everything.

Conclusion of Survey- God, I need to clean. This place is getting seriously disgusting and I need a neutral backdrop for spotting leftovers from whatever leads into I.C.S.#7154.

What Goes Up. . .

. . . must come down. And this is the part that sucks.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My crappy new add-on

Мнe хοτeлоcь пробовать новый ađđ-on abcTajpu, ĸοтοрый кстати оказался нe совсем нравится. Дело в том, чтσ впервые нужно «печатать» текст показанной на экране клаватурой а не по-человечески нажймать кнопками. Слушь, несмотря на то, как я пытаюсь тереть язык этот, οднако печатаю на ней совсем не плохо-даже несколько палцами ,бывает. Но вот этой хреновой фигней нужно заниматься покрайной 5 мере дольше, чем бы ТОчНО ТАКУЮ САМУЮ ЖЕ ФИГНЮ οбыкновенной кирилиџской клав-ой. Это правдивое говно честно говоря. Навек потеряласъ человечеству можливость познатъ сколько недописнной мною эрунды.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm seeing a drug counselor. But shhh, it's hush-hush, because I don't actually do drugs. Or at least that's what I, and my parents, and the public health system, and God and my Country would like to believe.