What Brought You Here?

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

.75 mg triazolam and 10 mg cyclobenzaprine later

7:57 am -
Good Sign Making typos
Bad Sign Appear to be catching them.
Good Sign Vaguely drowsy. Even IV it takes a few minutes. Highly irregular.
Bad Sign If the triaz was for real I would have passed out and lit the house on fire on 150% of maximum adult dosage.
Bad There are still cigarettes to be smoked and entire house to be fumigated with Febreeze upholstery freshener.
Bad I have a doctor's appointment in 6 hours now.
Bad Lexapro takes a long lime to start working. So when the fuck am I going to start working.

BadThe sun is up
Good I give up to Morpheous. Maybe he'll fucking take me under for just the right amount of time this morning.

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