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Thursday, February 6, 2003

1 have no eyes

Fuc ths Eye have no eyes on my eyboard. 2 consonants from my surname wll not appear except amdest the mddle of a random text. managed to wrte a great entry here cuttng and pastng (w/out the plus/dash/equal button) eyes and other consonants but then eye realzed eye was not properly sgned n b/c my password has number. Had to open other browser to fnd a number to cp and logn. Hard to wrte dssertaton w/ lmted vowels and consonants though spose can do w/out one lttle number. Payne 'n ass. Not even pnched nerve.

No fags 2 days now. After more than half my exstance 1.5 pacs or more a day 2 days free. Emphysema. And no fucng commas. That was the real tool. No commas sends a man over the edge.

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