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Monday, December 9, 2002

1:10 pm
They found the car. Didn't go very far. Alas I spoke too soon about the CDs. Also missing is her stereo, a blender that was in the trunk and a very large tarp. Why someone would want to steal a large piece of plastic inparticular is being my rationalizing powers, but it kind of pisses me off, because I really wanted to use part of it to seal off my air conditioner.

We're leaving for Florida tomorrow. We were going to take her car for gas-guzzling purposes, but a 900 mile drive in a vehicle with no stereo is really completely out of the question.

From a conversation with my mother awhile back, on the subject of babymaking (which I intend to do) and the fact that neither partner in my current relationship has any actual sperm of their own.

"You might not even mind doing it the old-fashioned way," says mom. When I relate this to My Girlfriend, she innocently inquires, "you mean, with a turkey baster?"

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