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Monday, October 26, 2009

Assemble-at-home? Not so much.

Sorry, I had to delete that picture which displayed my flabby boniness in all its splendor Like, gag me with a spoon.

I had this build-it-yourself beverage cart in a box that I left idle for a good three years. I bought it while I was still staying at my mother's house; it went with a cute little bedside table that apparently- being comprised essentially of six sides- was simple enough for me to assemble by myself. I bought a matching trinket case/ bookcase that I left in the skilled-at-reading-Chinglish-hands of my father & the handy-dude at my miniscule Chicago apartment, and it, too, stands perpendicular to the floor. But the beverage cart- cobbled together by me alone- never did hold a right angle for very long.

I'm sure that my inability to comprehend the sketches and crude written instructions except by doing ( as a result of which the top table frame was never actually fixed to the legs, after I attached the brackets to the bottom of it, rather than the top) conributed to the rickety quality of the cart, The fact that the two glass surfaces that served as a center-of-balance of sorts were detached for my move and I found replacing the second one to be too much of a task until a few weeks ago made it even less stable. The really fun part is that last night, I jostled the cart with the balance ball I was sitting on, and the glass shelf I had recently placed fell and smashed the dulcimer that was laying on the wooden shelf beneath it, making a spectacular amount of noise.

I haven't played the dulcimer (bought at a white elephant option for 3$ 12 years ago) in nearly as long. And while the cart was convenient for collecting random junk, it truly did not fit anywhere, and it made a great deal of noise as it fell apart over the past 11 months.

So this morning I finally dragged the POS out to the dumpster. And I put a "free" note on the dulcimer and left it inside the front doorway, being as I'm certain that it's an amp I keep occassionally hearing, and I image an active musician would appreciate it more than I.

I held on to the two plates of glass, for some reason though.

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