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Friday, January 4, 2008

Russian Music

Sorry folks. This one will require not only having your whole damn "character encoding" list ( in firefox->view->character encoding-> then digging around in the options until your find the one that makes this readable.) I've got reason to belief that it's "unicode UTF-8", a c.e. of which I know nothing. Presumably because it uses transliteration rather than the real cyrillic keyboard which just screws me up. Or- if you are on Firefox- and god only knows why anyone in the free world would be using anything less by now, go check out the wet dream list of language extension tools. Right now I'm doing fine with Anykey. I noticed much more recent loads of add-ons available, including quite a few that I could potentially *use* in entirety . . .just don't see myself buckling down with- well- *any* brand new language family right now, unless I finally opt to get my head out of the clouds of pharmaceutical shell/artificial sweetener/ high-fiber cement-like items I inevitably give in to eventually, even knowing that they are primarily doomed to end up in my lower intestine. So, yeah, perhaps it's time to find a more personalized add-on until such a time as it becomes plausible vital to get a high colonic, in order to facilitate extraction of head from ass. It appears most feasible to expect this possibility to present itself on a grand scale during

Anyhoo. In response to this poll regarding my favorite band's latest album cover, I replied to the guy who thinks a child's picture doesn't "go" with the title.

Никите- А по-моему во фотке сосредоточитя беспредельная, заязычная радость яркокраской, тянушим морем прелестьно-глупостью (огромных очков). В самом деле она точно подходит М.Кунстливому состоянию. (т.е. тому, кодга я его знала. Может он обезсветовалась, возможно теперь на каждом концерте представляется одна и та же самая списка лишенных экспромптом песень, а ни на коем случае больше не обращаются с фанками, тем более запрещены бсе "guest musicians.") По-моему такое отчуждение темперамента появляется крайне-редко, верно следствием шок-терапии.

В любом случае, обложка на албуме должна воображать музыкантов и их творчество целом. Название в конце концов мгновенный способ проверки. Нафиг обложке ему подходить? Прелестный представитель группы, которая вызывает во мне сольнечные тропические мысли и ребячливое желание смеяться и танцовать (несмотря на взгляды других). ' '

Go check out the band whose blog I linked to in my title. I discovered them quite serendipitously in March 1997, when the band on the roster at the tiny club Кризис жанра failed to show. That was the night I understood why Jerry Garcia had to die, and about the same time I realized I had to stay in Russia as long as possible.*

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